Hello Divas & Divos,

Today I want to take the time out to give a special shout out and say and May God Bless me and you with so many more for you to celebrate!!

I love my daddy so much and I thank God each and everyday for blessing him  into my life. I appreciate and love my grandparents for raising him to be a man and for him accepting his role as a man  to be my daddy. It’s so easy to father a child but it’s so much harder to be a responsible man not a little boy struggling in a man’s society to be a daddy. Sometimes a lot of daddy’s don’t get the recognition and shine they do deserve. However, I understand a lot of them just don’t  deserve it especially when 24 million children in the United States live without their biological father. Sadly enough those 24 million children go without knowing their father and don’t get to share the love of their father! Being blessed with your daddy’s love is so important in a young man and woman life because they learn so much from you that their mother can’t teach them. To List a few…..

A mother can’t teach her son how to be a man because she knows how to be a woman

A mother can’t teach her son how to treat a woman because she knows what a a woman want

A mother can’t teach her son how to play sports, understand sports, play video games, or just to be a boy because she knows how it felt like growing up as a little girl

A mother can teach her daughter how to be a lady but she can’t teach what a man need in order to keep him

A mother can love her daughter but can’t fill the void of a daddy’s love

A mother can try to protect her daughter but there is no greater security and protection than a father’s present

A mother can teach her daughter how to be a lady but her father can teach her how to think like a man

I can go on and on but I think you guys and gals get the idea you have a choice in being a daddy or a sperm donor or a dead beat father or a child support check. But always remember whatever choice you make the consequences that comes with it!! Because my daddy always say there is no greater joy for him to see me succeed, celebrate or just be with him and hearing me call out his name to thank him for being there for me and for doing his best! He always say when he dies he will die a happy man because he know he did what God called him to do by being a loving, responsible dad and man that was present for his family! So, today I ask all boys and men that have children to be a part of your child’s life because they need your love, support, affection and strive to always to be there in their life in order for him/her to grow up to be a healthy and successful citizen in our society! Having the love of two parents is always better than having just one because a child will know how to balance all aspect of their relationship when growing up!! Some may thing what I am saying in this post is untrue and worthless but I say do your research and come walk in my shoe with the clients I’ve worked with.  The love of your parents is the 1st love you know and the foundation of a person’s life so remember being a parent is such an important calling in life; one that shouldn’t be taken lightly!!

Happy Birthday Daddy and thank you for allowing me to know what it means to have a father be present in my life and I you will always be my #1!!


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