Introducing Unhappily Happy!

So, it’s October and I checked my resolution list and well let’s just say that all things are not checked off. So, I woke up today and quickly jump into panic mode, because like the last couple of years I had to keep adding my old resolutions onto my new list each year with my dear husband patting me on back and simply saying don’t worry, it will be ok. Before I tell you my story, let me introduce myself my name is let’s just call me Unhappily Happy.

Like my most woman, I have a lot of joys in my life and a lot of emptiness. I have a supportive husband and a beautiful son who 70% of the time lets me know he loves me, oh and a dog who adores me because I feed him and clean up his shit. But lately, I’ve been feeling so unfulfilled that I have decided to change up everything from work to friends. So just in case you are wondering, I am a college grad and currently still pursuing higher education. So take this journey with me as I try to change my life so I will no longer be Unhappily Happy.

So for the next couple of days, months, years.. Yeah not really sure how long this journey will take but do follow me at and SHARE your feedback and comments to my questions I will be asking please!

I’m so excited to share my journey with The Diary and I am looking forward to reading all the comments and feedbacks that can help me on this quest to find my happiness again!

Question: Would you change everything about your life at one time or tackle one thing at a time?

Unhappily Happy

9 Responses to “Introducing Unhappily Happy!”
  1. Nicole says:

    Change everything at once it kinda like cleaning the whole house at once you can’t do it. Tackle one room at a time, tackle one thing needed to be changed one thing at a time.. Hope she finds joy

    • I totally agree the best thing to do is get a planner and map it all out. Than I would organize and decide what is most important and what needs to get done to fulfill your needs vs your wants!! Sometime we chase after our wants and not focusing on the important needs of our life! I think Sis needs to take it one day at a time because God didn’t create earth in one day so don’t be too hard on yourself and understand the economic isn’t really working in our favor neither! Stay Blessed, motivated and focus

  2. Betty says:

    I totally wish I could change everything at one time so I could bring me to another chapter in my life but I know that is impossible!! Girl, I feel you and I will be reading because you make it funny to read our story!!!

  3. PJ says:

    I’m not sure if I would CHANGE anything about my life at all but in order to enhance and better yourself, I would suggest taking it one step at a time. Get a planner/orgnaizer and set goals and deadlines for your self to accomplish certain goals. Mark on the calendar day and time of completion so as you get closer you can see and remember the deadline. Check them off one step at a time.

    Choosing the perfect planner will be a task within itself. Go to staples or any office store and look at each one. Don’t base it on how pretty it is, that was my mistake in the beginning. The pretty ones never have enough space to to actually write out what I need.

    Good Luck!

  4. Jennifer says:

    How old are you, sounds like a midlife crisis..

    • Jennifer I’m 32 and there are days I have these crisis and I’m no way in my mid-life!! I think a lot of people are going through this and go through this in stages of their life when goals and dreams are not accomplished according to their plan.

  5. PJ says:

    *organizer (correction from my first post)

    I don’t think it sounds like a midlife crisis at all. I think it sounds like an individual that realize she has not been living to the fullest potential. Often we get caught in in the “right now” of life, husband kids etc, that we forget about the future or the future we imagined. We settle at a job that we don’t like for the sake of steady income and are afraid to step out on faith and do what we love. Friends is another topic all within itself but sometimes you have to let them go. You keep the people around you who are in the position you want to be in or on the road that you want to be in. There is a saying “dress the part,” well dress the part of the life you want from now on.

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