Unhappily Happy: Mental Health Day

Day 1-Called in sick decided to take a mental health day, for those who may not understand. It is simply a day when no one will be home so I stay home and mentally prepare for the next day. Its starts out basic me making breakfast for my husband before he leaves for work because apparently when I am home his hands are broken. Hmm and they say good men are not hard to find.

After the coast is clear I take it upon myself to just call up a girlfriend and have her come over and help me with my resume and cover letter. Its been so long since I applied for a job that I just need her support so that I don’t make a mess of it. Well of course, in true form when we get together we completely go off to a road and pave a new one as the day progresses. So we hit Walmart, the mall and then Brooklyn. So now its 9 pm and nothing has been done. I would love to say that I am going to do it tonight, but its time to sign off because Real Housewives Of Atlanta is coming on.

Till tomorrow Unhappily Happy.

Should the resume writing have come first or the simple joy of TV?
2 Responses to “Unhappily Happy: Mental Health Day”
  1. Sorrow sundays says:

    I’m here dealing with those same issue. Hating my job and wanting change but day to day life distracting me.

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