Kim Kardasian a Silver Body Art Masterpiece!

Hello Divas and Divos,

It’s Wild & Wacky Wednesday! Can I tell you I totally feel that way! I’m feeling under the weather and I think it might be the wacky weather we’ve been having in New York! I don’t know but I’m happy fall didn’t come full force and I pray Mother Nature isn’t saving it for us because last year Winter was crazy!!

"Beneath the clouds lives the Earth - Mother from whom is derived the Water of Life, who at her bosom feeds plants, animals and men" Webster Dictionary

Okay, so last week I read a piece “Would You Make A Sex Tape to Get Ahead?” by my fellow friend Rashidah at (check the story out) and I replied back that “I tell you times have really changed and the Y generation just doesn’t have standards! For some reason they want everything the easy way! I guess they are so used to getting it their way!! I call it the Fast Food/Microwavable society we live in, sleeping your way to the top!!”

I know this is something that has always been in existence in the industry of trying to be a “SuperStar” but is it worth it all? Well, if you were to ask Kim Kardasian, I bet you she would say “Yes it was worth making a sex tape with Ray J to make it to the top!”  Now, Kim is taking it all off again with her voluptuous body painted in a thin coat of silver paint that leaves nothing, I mean NOTHING to the imagination in W magazine’s Art issue. (The photos were shot byMark Seliger and the story was written by Lynn Hirschberg.)

The Pinup Barbie Doll Kim is taking it back to her 2007 Playboy shoot! The only difference is she added a little paint! Kim is really posing and hanging it loose since that is all she knows how to do because she can’t act, draw, sing, or dance and has no other discernible talent! Hey a girl gotta get paid RIGHT?!

Anyho, Kim is currently living in New York while taping her latest reality TV show “Kourtney and Kim Takes New York”. According to a friend the Kardasian sisters’ store opening was back in September for Fashion Night Out.

So, I ask you my readers…….. Would you make a Sex Tape or pose nude to get ahead?

Click here to see Kim’s Sex Sell pictures because it’s to Rated XXX for the site!!!


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