The One Flaw In Women

Hello Sweetea,

My friend was so kind enough to share The One Flaw In Women movie with me and I really thought this was a good video. This video sums up my mission with this website!! As women we do forget ourselves and always looking to please or aid everyone else around us. Women have to learn how to live a Divine Diva life or else they will always be giving and never remembering to take care of themselves!!

This reminds me of my mother, friends and family members I know that are always saying it doesn’t matter if I go without as long as my child(ren) and/or family are good. However, how can we be of any good if we don’t take the time out to be good to ourselves!! The single ladies should take notes too because this apply to us too! Single ladies tend to over work themselves too!! I hate it when people around me think I should be available at any given time to be of assistance to them because I don’t have a hubby and a child at home waiting for me. Or they think I can drop everything to come running. How about NO maybe I just want to spend time with myself and/or I made other plans and/or I do have a life too.

This is a power struggle a lot of women face be it single, married or a parent!! This video reminds all women to take the time out for YOU and REPLENISH YOUSELF because we are always giving a piece of ourselves!! It’s okay to be SELFISH in order to find internal and external PEACE, LOVE and HAPPINESS!!! So, I say Divine Divas start learning how to be selfish because you master the art of selfless already!!! Now it’s the time to make time for you to find out who you really are, what you want to be, what makes you happy and what you need to accomplish whatever you need in order to put the pieces back together again!!

Enjoy the video and always remember life and people will always find a way to take from you but always GIVE BACK TO YOURSELF FIRST BEFORE GIVING TO OTHERS!!



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