Coming Out 4 Cupcakes!

Hello Sweetea,

When you mix dessert, shopping on a budget, supporting a good cause and the children of our future I am there with bells on jumping for joy! Last week for National Coming Out Day, I attended The Brooklyn Community Pride Center fundraiser benefiting a new after-school program for LGBTQ youth in Brooklyn at Re/Dress NYC. Re/Dress is the 1st Vintage & Resale Clothing Store for Size 14 + UP in Brooklyn.

If you purchased a cupcake for $5, you was able to get 5% off your entire purchase. I know 5% isn’t much but it was all for a good cause! The Robicelli’s cupcakes were delicious and I applied self-control by only getting one cupcake.

I supported the event because I believe our nation and country need to support equality amongst all people regardless of their race, color, religion, sexuality, shape, size or/and indifference. We must embrace uniqueness and NO one should ever be made to feel ashamed of who they truly are because God asked we all treat others as we would like be treated!

If you know or love someone who is a LGBTQ let them know each and everyday they are not different! They are not aliens and YES they are God children too!! People need to embrace what they don’t know and don’t treat people like they have a disease!! LGBTQ people are not looking for a cure but ACCEPTANCE and EQUAL RIGHTS. Let’s learn to  all man-kind & accept them for who they are and not promote hate and superiority!



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