UNHAPPILY HAPPY: Are Mothers Allow to have Unproductive Days?

Today was raining and nasty outside, but I woke up with a positive mind frame and I was ready to handle business. Arrive to work on time check, coffee in hand check, annoying people around check. It’s amazing how a year changes everything. Last year my co-workers where funny and so enjoyable to be around. This year the sound of their voices just makes me want to scream. All I hear is whoop whoop or blah blah blah. That’s how I know it’s time to leave. All they talk about is celebrities and reality TV shows! Talking about other people success is not my idea of fun anymore. I want to talk about my own success now. It’s time to put all the years I spent sitting inside a classroom to work, because I would hate to think I’ve wasted my GI Bill.

Oh, did I forget to mention I was in the military, kind of like the modern GI Jane. So you are not confused there are some perks to my job!!! LoL, I can read magazines and books and play with my I Phone all damn day if I choose to be! Sounds real productive huh?!  I used to be that employer that volunteered to stay late came in early, you name I did it. Let’s just say that all stopped a couple of months ago. Now, I do exactly what I have to do to stay under the radar SOMETIMES.

So finally got home spend one hour of peace and quiet by myself before my son gets home! I take full advantage of the quite time because as soon as he walks through that door it will be yap yap yap yap until I say lights out. Don’t get me wrong I adore listening to hours of what he did in art, what he had for lunch, who did what, who got in trouble etc, etc. Mind you he never tells on himself.

Today was a really long and boring day… Hopefully tommorow will be better.. Did nothing very productive either.

Is it okay to have a unproductive day????


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