♫ MUSIC MADNESS: I Love My Hair ♫

Hello Sweetea,

Happy Monday Music Madness! It’s the start of a new week and I am thankful for a great weekend!! This weekend I really had the time to sit and reflect on some of the life choices I’ve made in my life regarding my Health vs my Hair!

I attended a beautiful, romantic and great wedding on Friday. I had a good time but I’m tired of being stuck on the singles table!! This had to be the worst ever being the only table full of single ladies and no single men!!! OMG, seating on a table with nine other beautiful, educated and successful women that had attitudes for days wasn’t my friend and I idea of fun!! My friend and I just couldn’t understand why sisters have to have attitudes and can’t be friendly to each other which had me thinking but will share that in another post because I’m drifting (lol)!

I guess this is a conversation that unite all ladies… If you said Hair then you’re right! Talking about OUR HAIR vs. GOING 2 the GYM! Overall everyone expressed the same feelings I basically have loving our hair and just not being able to manage it along with attending the gym everyday. Some disclosed this is why they choose to go natural in oder to live a Fit and Fab life!

This has always been my struggle and I’ve been allowing the love for my hair win the battle of the bugle! However, I’m happy my hair is healthy but I’m not happy with my lack of fitness. Life is full of Happy vs Unhappy! I know once I start hitting the gym my hair will start shedding, thinning out and I’m going to need to get a wash-n-set every week and a perm every 3 weeks vs every 6 weeks. This is the struggle of African-American women but we can’t allow that to hold us back from being Healthy, Fit and Fab because African-American women have the highest obesity rate at 50 percent, followed by Hispanic women at 43 percent!!

Some suggestions were for me to go natural but I’ve haven’t reach that point where I’m ready to cut all my hair off and go natural because I feel its more maintenance that I’m just too lazy to deal with! Even dough I Love My Hair!Today start a new day for me because I’m picking my Health! How about you? What are the battles are you dealing with?

Wish me luck as I start this journey once again to Lose to Win!

One Response to “♫ MUSIC MADNESS: I Love My Hair ♫”
  1. beautiful golden hairs. There is a one song song for this in india i.e. Sone jaise rang hain tera chandi jaisee baal. ek tu hi dhanwan hain gori baki sab kangal by Pakaj Udas

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