Ellen DeGeneres Show: Tina Knowles Disclosed Beyonce Isn’t Pregnant

Hello Sweetea,

Have you heard…… During a recent interview on The Ellen DeGeneres show, Tina Knowles shoots down pregnancy rumors that her daughter Beyonce is expecting a baby with husband Jay Z.

Tina Knowles said: “I heard that, but I’m here to clear the rumors up. The truth is that’s it’s not Beyoncè that’s pregnant. It’s me,” Knowles jokingly told host Ellen and the audience while chucking.

“No, no it’s not true. Not right now,” said Knowles. “I’m looking forward to it. With all the rumors, by now I should have five or six grandchildren.” I guess only time will tell if Beyonce is baking a little one in the oven or not. I’m just saying, if she was it’s not a big deal or not because they are two grown adults that are married and capable of taking care of their child so good luck to Beyonce and Jay Z if they are or if they are not!

Tina Knowles is a beautician and designer that is currently promoting her new line Miss Tina in Walmart. Miss Tina is inspired by T. Knowles for plus size ladies like herself consists of sportswear, outerwear, dresses, tops and bottoms.


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