Unhappily Happy: Putting Myself in 2nd Place Instead of 1st Place

So today was suppose to be the day I go over my resume and make some necessary changes. I was expecting help from let’s call her X. However, NOT only didn’t X not show up for our scheduled time, she came late with her BS excuses. For me excuses are like asses everyone has one.


NOT only did the hours I spent away from my computer to help X grind was counterproductive for me but I got nothing done for me. So like always I put someone else before myself and now I have to do what I should have done… DO IT MY DAMN SELF! When people say they are going to help you make sure you hear them correctly  and ask when they’re going to help, how much their going to help and what they think you owe them after helping. So, now I have a headache and just want to lie down and start fresh tomorrow.

Do you think I should have just focused on me 1st and told X to handle hers and we can catch up later?



2 Responses to “Unhappily Happy: Putting Myself in 2nd Place Instead of 1st Place”
  1. Nicole says:

    I think people should always put themselves first, of you don’t who will.. If that person was a true friend they will understand where your priorities are for that day.. Next time be honest with her if she does not understand it’s time to rethink the friendship…

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