Hello Sweetea,

Today is Election Day!! Let our voices be heard, our numbers be counted and your freedom mean something!! There is nothing better than exercising your right to vote!! Don’t complain if you can take the time to make a change and you make the choice not to! Faith and Actions without time and work produces nothing! Stand for something and don’t fall or depend on others to do your part! Be apart of the change and GO OUT 2 VOTE because we did it in 2008 changed the guard, now we must guard the change!

I really love ROCK THE VOTE AND HEAD COUNT!! They really have some cool stuff going on like if you take a picture of yourself at the polls, you can send it to They are going to feature some Election Day pictures on their home page So be sure to take a picture at the polls and send it over to check if your made it to their site! If you don’t know your polling place, polling hours and what’s on your ballot click and you shall find the answers you need at

We are all responsible for making a difference for the future hope of our beloved country and people! It’s time we take our individual responsibilities seriously as to what role you play into making a difference. It’s time we quit complaining, wishing and expecting others to do your part! It’s time to stop PUTTING unnecessary stress and responsibility onto others and you become RESPONSIBLE again, as individuals and as a nation to go out and put your right to vote to work in your favor because a lot of people died for all of us to have the RIGHT TO VOTE!!! We need to honor those that died by going out and VOTE TODAY!!!

Did you know on Election Day if you check into foursquare and shout the words, Vote, Voted or Voting, you’ll get a badge? Try it out from your polling place and come back to tell us about it!!


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