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It’s been a while since I did a movie review but a lot of people have been asking for my take on it so here it goes….. For Colored Girls film, which opened in theaters on Friday, is based on Ntozake Shange’s original play, For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When The Rainbow Is EnufThis film which is an adaptation of the poetic award-winning play by Ntozake Shange performed in the 70′s on Broadway has gotten a lot of mix reviews by most of the top movie critics. However on a good note some have gone as far to say maybe the film is Oscar worthy and I must agree! I personally feel Tyler Perry need to let the numbers speak for itself and don’t worry about the negative critics because he did an awesome t job and I would recommend others to go see the film and make your own decision!

Okay I need critics to stop saying this is just another of Perry’s man-bashing film which I would totally disagree. I need people to understand this film was adaptation of the play in which Tyler stayed true to and he also highlighted some issues men faces too. Unfortunately he didn’t focus on the men’s issues as much some would of like but the play focused on the women’s issues. However, Tyler stayed true to the original play with the cycle of poetic monologues about abuse, abortion, cheating, relationship and other issues women faces everyday in their lives in a non- traditional narrative. Some may say this movie is geared for only issues modern African-America women faces but I totally disagree! This is a movie that touches on issues ALL women face or know of some individuals who dealt with the issues depicted in the movie. It’s just sickened how critics are saying there aren’t any substances to the movie when that isn’t the case at all. In my opinion this film is a wonderful educational resource for a graduate student studying any form of relationship, family and children structure, dynamics, counseling, mental health, social work, ect. For Colored Girls really expressed some of the issues that have women crying in the dark thinking they are by themselves in reality at the end it showed women don’t have to be alone and it’s okay to talk about their hurts and pains!

Perry’s sharp eye for casting has really paid-off because each actress and actor did a great job tapping into their character for the movie! Some have said Whoopi fell off her game but she had me believing she was a crazy religious mother in the movie so she gets my vote for a job well done! Also, Mariah Carey was supposed to be in the movie but she could not be part of the film due to her pregnancy and I can totally understand why after watching the movie. However, English actress Thandie Newton (Tangie) who was Mariah Carey replacement did such a brilliant job that I couldn’t see Mariah Carey playing that role of the party girl named Tangie who is constantly feuding with her mom Alice (Whoopi Goldberg).

It’s amazing how Tyler Perry can really tap into displaying his empathy for African-American woman struggles. Some say he was reaching for the moon and he never made it off land but I must disagree whole heartily!! Tyler Perry did a great job weaving together each individual story in the film. I totally agree there were a lot of stories going on in the film and some didn’t get the much deserved attention it needed but he was able to give each woman closure for their story.

In celebration of the release of the film Essence magazine has released two covers devoted to all the actresses (minus Macy Gray) who participated in the film wearing beautiful evening gowns. The ladies look FIERCE and FANCY!! 

On the other version of the magazine cover you will see the actors and the director of the movie Tyler Perry. Can I say Michael EalyOmari Hardwick, Richard Lawson, Hill Harper and Khalil Kain look HOT and HANDSOME in their dark tuxedos!!

Go check the movie out and do come back to share your feedback!!!!!!

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  2. Kathy says:

    I really enjoy reading your blog and your point of views!! Your review was dead on and I really do hope he gets an Oscar because this movie was dead on! I may not be an Africa American woman but I agree with you that this is a women issue!! Keep on doing a great job!!

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    • Thank you so much!!! I welcome you to read and leave feedback! Once again welcome to The Diary and I am happy you enjoy your time here reading and giving feedback!! If there is anything you would want me to talk about or have a question, ect just e-mail at and I will be sure to get back to you!! Have a great day and hope to read from you all the time!! 😮

  4. leeceebee says:

    While Mariah did a great job in Precious, I must agree…the role of Tangie was meant through Divine Intervention to be played by Newton. I don’t think Mariah would have done this particular role justice.

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