Unhappily Happy: My Cheap Therapy

So, I woke up and said, I really enjoying typing out my daily thoughts, funnies, and problems and I know it’s been a while. I’ve learned this is almost like my cheap ass therapy. I get to say what I want without interruptions, judgment and unwanted advice. This is something that I just want to do on my own so that I can be proud of my accomplishments. I have not had that proud moment in 2 years since graduated college.

Whether you like it or not…. You will be on this ride with me. There will be no sugar-coating if it’s a shitty day, I will just tell you today was hell in a hand basket. But I promise you that no matter what happens I will journal it and share it so forgive me for not writing in the last couple of days and continue to join me as I try to find my happy place so I will no longer be Unhappily Happy……

Tell me what do you do for your own personal therapy?

2 Responses to “Unhappily Happy: My Cheap Therapy”
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