Unhappily Happy: Keeping the Momentum Going!

So I know exactly what you guys must be thinking…. Well it has been a couple of days since I wrote that I must have found my happy place….. You could not have been so wrong. So let us play catch up.

1-      Still at my dead-end job that sucks the life out of me.  Still find my co-workers annoying, don’t think that will be changing until I give my two-week notice. But on a better note, my resume and cover letter is finally complete with the help of (X but I call her) Jabba Jaws and #1(husband). So with that done and all the excuses of the world used up on why it’s time to move forward, I posted my first resume on Monster. Ok so Jabbba Jaws was right applying for jobs is almost like a full-time job, but I have to stay focused if I want to find a situation that works towards my future goals. So, today I sent out almost 15 resumes. So fingers crossed because apparently it is an employer’s market and they want you to do double the work for the same pay. But regardless I am excited for the ride.

2-      So if you can recall I told you guys that I freelance for an online magazine. Well I guess I am the only one besides (for privacy we will call her) Ohio, who sees the big picture. She is really on it with the deadlines, editing, formatting, and following up on calls & emails. But lately she seems to feel that it’s becoming overwhelming and it’s sad to think that she might be giving up on her dream even if it’s for the moment because others don’t share her passion. I talked to her and tried to give her my suggestions which she may or not take. But I see the bigger picture that’s why I am involved. What I do for her is something I do for leisure.  It’s fun to attend events and dress up and meet new people so I really enjoy it. I don’t think nobody else does as much field work as the two of us. Maybe when the New Year comes in she will cut the dead weight that continues to hold her back.  But I have to let that go and let her decide the fate of the online magazine and I will just continue on my path to finding a new job and furthering my education.

What do you think is the best way to stay motivated? and To motivate and  keep the momentum going with others?
14 Responses to “Unhappily Happy: Keeping the Momentum Going!”
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