Unhappily Happy: Are Significant Others Useful or a Distraction?

Up early this morning, the break is over and I must return back to work. So here it is 6 am and I am up while everyone I mean everyone including the dog is sleeping. I get up and get ready to head out to work wishing that it will be a quiet and calm Saturday. Well guess what I was WRONG! 7 am and these motherkluckers are yapping their mouths off about a whole lot of nothing and boy do I mean nothing. Who cares about the “Situation” he don’t pay my bills and who cares about any reality star they don’t sign my check. With all that’s going on in the world, is this all that a group of college educated people can truly talk about. Oh well sucks for them and me as well so for the next 8 hours I live and breathe in the hell they create for me.

So after the busy day at work I spend the rest of the day with my husband and son.  We decided to head out to the mall and attempt to start our Christmas shopping. Well if Christmas shopping includes my husband shopping for himself and my son getting on my last nerves than I say it was a successful trip. All that means is tomorrow morning I have to get up and actually go and get all the stuff we did not get on our “Christmas Shopping” trip.  I forget how helpful he can be sometimes.

We end the evening with a somewhat great meal but pretty much nothing else accomplished. It never ceases to amaze me how much of a distraction he can be. I can personally take the Christmas list and within the week have went out and brought everything on the list. This includes all the wrapping papers, tapes, bows etc. Oh that includes all the gifts for our family members and friends too. And do you know what the Negro always says “I gave you half the money doesn’t that count?” And every year I just look at him and say “Hell No It Don’t Count”


Do you find that you get more accomplished without your significant other? Or is it just me?





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