♫ MUSIC MADNESS: Nelly – Move That Body ft. T-Pain, Akon ♫

Hello Sweetea!

The weekend is over and it’s back to Monday! Did you have a great weekend?! I sure did!! I spend a lot of time hanging out with cool old and new friends, great food, an interesting date, fashion and more fashion!! I also did a quick and fun workshop on healthy eating and th5 Healthy Good mornings Must Do! Have you been following your 5 Healthy Good Mornings Must Do and removed the 5 unhealthy behaviors you use to do? I will follow-up on you guys on Facebook! Workshop was great and I follow that night with a cool hang-out with BGU (Big Girls United) Chameleon Collection Showcase for 2011. Talk about a lot of fun and fabulous clothing line!! The models were Fit-n-Fab moving their body with the Sexy and Stunning outfits on so stay tune for the post and pics to come this week!

Tasha Hill and Jeannie Ferguson, co-designers of BGU and The Models
But today is about Monday Music Madness! Finding that motivating song after reading the bible to get me out the bed to hit the cold and darks streets to go to work can be so hard especially if you’re trying to get your workout before heading to the office! For me and maybe for you too…. So, my song choice today is SEXY and SOLID NELLY!! Talk about motivation right there!! He got so thick and muscular OMG I can’t Nelly is just too Sexy for his clothes!!! You Better MOVE THAT BODY!!! Get out the bed and get your lazy mindset MOVING and let’s get FIT-N-FAB to MOVE THAT BODY!! OMG BOOM!!

2 Responses to “♫ MUSIC MADNESS: Nelly – Move That Body ft. T-Pain, Akon ♫”
  1. kaitlin says:

    give me now cuz I like this post!

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