An Interview with “Color Me Grey” Michelle J. Robinson

Hello Book Clubbers!!

I know it has been a while but a sister fell off reading and I have been studying. However, the last Book that was in my Bag was “Color Me Grey” by: Michelle J. Robinson, which I had the pleasure of meeting. After reading her book that took me only a day because it was so GOOD, I contacted Mrs. Robinson to do an interview and she has blessed us with full access to get to know the writer behind the book! I must honestly say if you haven’t read “Color Me Grey” click here and purchase it because it is such a GREAT and INTERESTING STORYLINE!!

Name: Michelle Janine Robinson       Age: 47
Education: attended NYU and Fordham University
Hometown & currently living: New York, New York
Profession before becoming a writer: Legal Assistant
Precious Pat V: Hello Michelle! It was nice meeting you at the Happy Ending Book reading and thank you so much for do this interview for my D-Community Book Clubbers! I finished reading your book “Color Me Grey” in one sitting and I totally enjoyed the book.
Michelle Janine Robinson: You are welcome and thank you for doing this interview with me. It was very nice meeting you too and I’m so glad you enjoyed the book.
PPV: Michelle before we get into the book. Let’s talk a little about you. How long have you been writing and did you take any special training(s) for writing?
MJR: I’ve been writing as long as I could put the pen to paper and form words.  Even when I was a kid I loved making up stories more than anything else. The only thing I love more than writing is seeing stories played out on the big (and little) screen.  I’m a huge movie buff.

PPV: OMG, I am such a movie buff too. MJ what is your favorite all time movie and would you ever consider writing a movie script or turn one of your books into a movie or TV show like Zane did?
MJR: I’m a huge movie buff and there are far too many that I would like to pin it down to one, but I’ll list my five favorite: 1. Sex and the City 2. The Best Man 3. 9 ½  Weeks 4. For Colored Girls 5. Original Sin I’ve never considered a TV show, but I have OFTEN considered writing a screenplay based on one of my books and/or short stories.  In fact, I have just started SERIOUSLY considering writing a screenplay for a book idea I have.

PPV: That sounds like it’s going to be fun and 5 is my favorite number! LOL, Michelle being a native New Yorker like myself what is one of your favorite shopping location, place to eat and place to hang out?

MJR: I absolutely LOVE Redemptions Bar. It’s not a shi-shi spot, but it’s my favorite spot.  Another favorite bar of mine is Rodeo’s Bar. I prefer unpretentious places to play because every now and then I like to interact with the “beautiful people.”  LOL!  When it comes to shopping, as much as I LOVE Bloomingdale’s, I typically shun department stores (probably mostly because I have a STRONG aversion to crowds).  Therefore, I prefer boutiques.  I’m also a HUGE fan of Barami’s, Zara’s and stores like H&M and New York & Company.
PPV: Oh okay, I’ve never heard of those places but I guess now I will have to check their vibes out. Since we are talking about the beautiful people who are your target demographic?  What was the overall message/lesson were you trying to convey to the readers?

MJR: My target demographic was initially women between the ages of 19 and 90.  However, I’ve recently learned that there are quite a few younger teens that enjoyed “Color Me Grey”. I have also gotten e-mails from male readers who have enjoyed the book, which thrills me to no end.  I thought of this more as a “woman’s” book because of the content. The story was full of messages — understanding the limits of trust, opening your mind to possibilities, redemption and strength. My friendship message was one of caution — “keep your eyes and your ears open and what is true and real will always show itself — IF YOU’RE PAYING ATTENTION.”

PPV: Michelle, what made you finally decide to publish your 1st full length novel and why did it take you so long to publish one if you had a few novels ready for publishing because “Color me Grey” was just plain old crazy in a good way! LOL, I couldn’t stop reading because I wanted to know what was going to happen next.

MJR: Writing is a bit like acting; you can be immensely talented, yet along with that talent and motivation, you also need a pinch of luck.

PPV: You know what I agree with you because I see a lot of talented people still trying to make it while we have auto tune artists being successful! LOL!! Where do you get your ideas from to put some interesting and breath taking stories from?

MJR: LOL! I have always been a people watcher. I am fascinated with what people do behind closed doors because, most of us are seldom what we appear. I find myself on the subway, the bus, at work — wondering what people’s lives REALLY are about.  Often times, while I’m story (day) dreaming, I concoct stories in my mind of what a particular person life “might” be.  And, sometimes, those daydreams become my written stories.
PPV: LOL, I do that all the time and I do a lot of day-dream about me too! Maybe I need to start writing these stories down too so I can see where my crazy imagination takes me. Michelle, what advice would you give to up and coming writers that you have learned throughout the years?

MJR: Read, read and read!  Write, write and write!  So, often I get e-mails from people telling me they want to write a book, but haven’t written the first word.  In order to “be” a writer you have to write.  I know it sounds awfully simplistic, but it’s true JUST WRITE.  I have also learned that if you want to be a “published” writer it is EXTREMELY helpful to read.  What better way to discover which authors have the “winning ticket” in the publishing game, than to read what they have written.
PPV: You know simple as it is I think us as human beings just make life complicated and think there is a magical answer when we just have to keep is simple! Anyhow, who or what was your inspiration and influenced behind Color Me Grey? What made you published this book first?

MJR: I am the mother of identical twins and when they were born they were considered extremely high risk because they were something called monoamniotic twins.  Doctors often talk to non-doctors like they have the same medical degree. I had no clue what monoamniotic twins meant and in my quest to learn I discovered that monoamniotic twins are identical twins that split very late in the pregnancy (sometimes up to six weeks).  While, I was fascinated with the idea of that, I became even more fascinated with another twin phenomenon.  During my research, I learned that fraternal twins are fertilized by two separate sperm. More often than not its sperm from the same man.  However, every now and then it can be more than one man. In fact, if a woman has sex within a 72 hour period her eggs can be fertilized by two different men and she could have babies with two different fathers.  After reading that I started to weave in my mind a story of what might happen and how that might happen if it came to pass.
PPV: Oh boy being pregnant is no joke! You learned so much and gave me a lesson. I’m happy you and your teen boys are healthy and well. When I opened the book “Color Me Grey, I totally did not expect the turn of events that kept me glued and wanting more. Were any of the characters based on any real life person(s) in your life or yourself?

MJR: Thank you and the story of the twins was purely fiction based.  However, my ex-husband often told me that I was very naïve and I found myself becoming very offended by his comment.  However, as I have grown and learned to embrace all that I am, I realize that there is a certain naivite’ that exists inside of me that is undeniable.  While I am fully aware of what is going on around me and can be every bit a “Jade” when wronged (like most of us), I am so much more of a “Bridget.”  There is a part of me that really wants to believe that the basis of most of mankind is that of good.  And sometimes, I’m embarrassed to admit, I give people much more credit than they are worth.  However, the difference between Bridget and I is along with my naïve nature, there also comes a suspicious nature, which sometimes keeps people at a distance.
PPV: I can totally relate but why did you make all the characters so extremely damaged in your book? Did you want people walking away hating Jade Smith? Can I tell you how much I disliked Jade because she was so evil!

MJR: This is purely my own opinion — and based solely on the human interaction I have had woe these 47 years, but I think MOST people are damaged.  The level and extent of that damage varies.  But, I personally, have never met another human being that wasn’t grappling with some dysfunction or another.
PPV: You know what Michelle I totally AGREE! We all have something that is eating up away inside of us! I believe we all need therapy in life and that is why I went back to school to study Mental Health Counseling, LOL! So have you ever had a Jade Smith in your life? If you did how did you handle her and what was the straw that made you finally decide to cut that person out of your life?

MJR: I haven’t had a lot of Jade’s in my life.  But, I have had enough to err on the side of caution. My typical responses to the “Jade’s” in my life has been to walk away. No one leaves carnage and destruction (on any level) in their wake without fully knowing what they have done.  So, as far as I’m concerned, once I cut someone like that off (whether they see it coming or not), they know what they’ve done and will eventually figure out that I know too.

PPV: I tell you life can throw some interesting people our way! I read on your website you are working on your next Novel “More Than Meets the Eye” and “Serial Typical.” When can we expect them to hit the shelves and what can your readers expect from you in the future?

MJR: “More Than Meets The Eye” should be available in the Spring of 2011 and “Serial Typical” in the summer of 2011. “More Than Meets the Eye” is a bit more like my earlier erotica with a paranormal twist.  Some demons are up to no good and my heroine has to rise to the occasion. “Serial Typical” is a thriller and it involves a story of a serial killer with a fascinating twist.
PPV: I can’t wait and I hope to be one of the 1st people to get a copy to read them! Will there be a sequel to follow-up with the characters of “Color Me Grey” because it would be interesting to find out how they make this blended family dynamics work-out.

MJR: I started working on the sequel to  “Color Me Grey” two years ago but had to temporarily shelve it. However, I plan to revisit writing the sequel. The Title is “Momma’s White Lies” and it follows Jasmine and Jacob as they grow up.

PPV: Michelle I think a lot of fans would agree to say please finish the sequel because we would love to see what creative story to put together. Can you please describe to me how do you live life-like a Divine Diva and what are you enjoying the most about the success of your 1st book?

MJR: As a dark-skinned African-American woman who grew up in the 60s/70s, surprisingly in the age of Black Panthers and Black Power, I was not considered beautiful. I heard phrases like darkie, shoe-shine black, liver lips and nappy head, growing up. Even after growing up and not being made fun of, my self-esteem was understandably weak. However, one day I literally “woke up.” It was like a light bulb was turned on and I suddenly realized just how beautiful I really was. And, I bring that beauty to myself each and every day. One of my best girlfriends in the WORLD jokes with me when she sees me walking down the street — she says that she can see me “strutting.” I don’t even realize I’m doing it. But, I believe there is a part of me that accepts all that is regal inside of me and I just — GO WITH IT! Beauty (inside and out) is internal. If you wake up in the morning and you feel your own beauty, the rest of the world sees it too. But, if you start the day critical of all that you are — the outside world will see that as well. One of the greatest things about the publication of“Color Me Grey” is the opportunity to allow others to get to know what is going on inside of my head. Although the stories are not necessarily about any particular person, all of the stories and all of the characters are a compilation of my daily encounters with the world and it’s so VERY nice to share that. . .

PPV: Once again thank you so much for sharing with us and taking time out you busy schedule to Bless The Diary with this fruitful interview and we will keep supporting you because we love your writing and creativity!!


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  1. I believe that a simple and unassuming manner of life is best for everyone, best both for the body and the mind.

  2. A speech does not need to be eternal to be immortal. Great interview

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