Big Girls United (BGU) 2011 “Chameleon” Crazy Cute Collection Showcase

Hello Fashion Freedom Friday!


Designer Tasha Hill, Mother and Sister & Plus-size model Jeannie Ferguson

What is Fashion? Is fashion following the current trend? Is it standard, safe and lifeless? Is it designers thinking everyone was born wearing the same size 2 to 4? Or is it courageous designer Tasha Hill who understood what it meant to have the freedom to fight against her teachers at Katherine Gibbs saying “I know I’m not playing it safe but I don’t want to be safe and be common! I want to celebrate my creativity and design clothes my sister and my mother would want to wear”

And so that is exactly what Miss Hill set out to do and she did it! Allowing her imagination and her sister Jeannie Ferguson (the face behind the line) to be her inspiration they proudly unveiled their new clothing line. Big Girls United (BGU) hosted a night of fashionable flirting and seduction of 2011 “Chameleon” collection showcase that was stylish and sexy!


Chameleon Collection

It’s so weird since I’ve been attending these fashion events I keep meeting designers that aren’t curvy but are designing for Curvy, Cute, and Confident women! But you know what I’m happy these designers noticed curvy women want to look sexy and want to stand out in a fashionable way too!! The models were Fierce, Fit and Fabulous rocking the very Cute “Chameleon” collection! I totally had a good time mingling and meeting new people and touching bases with people I’ve met before! The vibes were good, the outfits were stunning, the hostesses were friendly and fun, they had 2 raffle pulling and I was 4 numbers away from winning a free dress so you know this Chic Chick was bummed out when I didn’t win!! I have to get ummmmm still thinking which one I want because I did like a few!!! Check out some of the pictures below…

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To see more pictures of the enjoyable event CLICK ME!




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  1. john says:

    show me… Great job on this site!

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