Justin Bieber Launching a New Fragrance ‘My World’

Hello Sweetea,

Artist of the Year in the fan-voted American Music Awards, teen sensation and pop idol Justin Bieber is branching out and he is launching a unisex fragrance. Rumors say the unisex fragrance is going to be named “My World” …. I’m not mad about that because if you ask any teen girl she would probably say its Bieber’s world for real!! J. B. was the king of the AMAs on Sunday and he is about to take over your world!

Usher’s pop star truly has made a name for himself and he isn’t wasting no time branding himself!! On Sunday, Bieber invited Usher on stage with him to accept the biggest award for the night was just touching… JB “not only my mentor but my best friend and my big brother” truly spoke volumes Usher is doing a great job!!




Justin Bieber has partnered with Etoile Nation Beauty to launch the collection of wristbands and dog tags infused with a unisex scent named “My World”. It looks like one of the popular places to brand your products is Walmart!! It’s good to see the industry is recognizing people can’t afford to spend big bucks on everyday products!!!

Take that yup 6 … Justin Bieber shows off his awards to his mentor Usher.

So stay tune because “My World” should be arriving in Walmart stores the day after Thanksgiving (Nov. 26), yes on Black Friday!! “My World” might just be a great gift for your pre-teens and teenagers! Especially for young men during their transitional stages of growth!!


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