FIT AND FABULOUS: 4 Healthy Holiday Eating Tips

Hello Fit-n-Fab!

It’s that time of year we all been waiting for! Getting together with family and friends to share in the Blessings of fellowship and GOOD food! However, I know it’s the hardest time of the year for some of us to watch our waistline and we lose focus with our Fit-n-Fab goal of healthy living and eating! Do you know that the average Thanksgiving dinner has over 2000 calories? In order to help you through the holiday happy eating I’ve compiled for my readers Healthy Holiday Eating Tips so you can still look and feel Fit-n-Fab after Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years dinner without having to deprive yourself.

Don’t Make Excuses! Tomorrow may be a holiday but that doesn’t mean you don’t go work-out! I know a lot of gyms will be closed tomorrow but that’s no excuse why not to do 30 minutes to an hour worth of exercise. One can go for a walk, jog, run (if it’s not raining because I know the weather forecast for tomorrow is rain), TV fit channel, Wii fit, work-out DVDs or videos.  Also, be sure to continue your normal work-out schedule and hit the gym on Black Friday! Don’t make EXCUSES because it’s the holidays STAY FOCUS!!!!

Portion Control! Eating healthy during the holidays is very important when we talk about portion control. A lot of us think this is the time of year it’s okay to go out of control! However, Thanksgiving dinner isn’t an all you can eat buffet! Be sure to fill your plate with a lot of veggies, lean meats (without the skin) and very small portions of starches!! The best way to control you portion sizes is to take one serving spoon or half a serving spoon! This way you can sample all the different foods but don’t over pill your plate like a mountain top!  Moderation is always the key so be sure to eat light before dinner. Have a small breakfast and lunch so you don’t over eat and you’re not hungry when it’s time for dinner! Also, listen to your stomach, if you’re full, pack the left-over and please don’t try to force yourself to eat it all.

Make Conscious Choices! We can choose to cook and eat healthy or we can choose to cook and eat unhealthy! The choice is yours. If you are cooking make healthy choices with the ingredients you use and substitute high fat ingredients with lower-fat or fat-free ingredients! I know a lot of people claim it don’t taste the same but if you keep using healthier products you get use to the taste and appreciate the health benefits! Instead of frying try baking, instead of white rice try brown rice, instead of regular oil use olive oil, instead of white sugar use brown sugar, instead of refine white products use whole wheat and high in fiber products just to name a few!

Now for the non-cookers like myself, who is going over to gobble, gobble away… You know you cannot control the ingredients that go into the dishes that were made so that isn’t a valid excuse for you not to make conscious choices too! Like I mentioned above limit your potion size and limit high fat food items. Again moderation is the key to staying focus and staying in control of your healthy eating habits during the holiday season!!

Limit your Empty Calories! I almost forgot about my soda and alcohol popping crew! LOL, yes this is the time of year we tend to drink a lot of alcohol, soda, cider, egg-nog and juices! All of these empty calories that are adding the pounds to your waistline! Some of us think it’s not a big deal because they are liquids but they are full of sugar that just turn into fat in our bodies so drink a lot of crystal light water or plain water to help fill up your stomach and keep you hydrated.


Good Luck and Happy Holiday Eating!!!


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