THE DIARY: What Were They Thinking?!

Talk about WHAT WERE THEY THINKING? Who is styling these people? Money does mean a lot in trying to market and brand yourself! And I understand pushing the bar in fashion comes with the territory which can be fun and annoying but come on….. This isn’t the circus or a twilight show!! These are my 8 worst outfits at the American Music Awards starting from the worst to remove the bow and tail!!

Nicki and Ke$ha out did themselves!!!
They had to be the worst dressed!!
Will I Am is a talented man but the risk he takes with his’ styles
are just to distracting at times for me!!

Okay why does Jada look good and her kids…..
Well Jaden looks better than Willow Smith. I’m all for allowing
your child(ren) to express their fashion style but
really this isn’t cute at all!!!
Christina Milian looks like she is wearing a dressed
made from recycled products!! Super short and ugly!!
Mandy Moore just looked boring and frumpy!
And can someone teach her how to smile for the cameras!
Last but not as bad is Miley Cyrus on and off stage!
On stage she look and sounded dark and creepy!
However, off stage I love this dress!
It looks great on Miley until she turns around
Seriously why did the designer add a
tail to the rear end of this dress!?
That just totally ruined it for me!
Like please remove the puff and tail!!
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