Hello Music Madness

I know it has been a minute since you have read from me but I’m here to tell you guys I’m Back!! A lot’s been going on and a lot hasn’t been going on up in here because my lab top decided it wanted to take a vacation. However, that vacation cost me to get my baby back home. If some of you got lost…. My lab top had some issues and I had to paid to get it repaired so I pray this will not happen again!!! I totally learned 5 lessons from all this…..

1. I need to learn how to back-up my work
2. I should always upload my pictures onto my Snapfish account
3. I need to get my desk top fix and not only depend on my lap top
4. One should always have money saved away for unaccepted expenses (Thank the Lord I did because technology is expensive to maintain)
5. Last but not least I truly have some loyal readers and THANK YOU for being patient with me and letting me know you miss reading from me!!!

So, back to the regular scheduled program…. Here is my Monday Music Madness Pick of the Day!!!

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