The Diary

Hello Sweetea,

The Diary of a Divine Diva was created by Precious Pat V a young professional Caribbean woman that is a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. living in Queens, New York. It’s fitting I live in Queens being that I am Royalty but my blood will always Bleed Brooklyn Baby! I am a God-Fearing ambitious, adventurous, fun enthusiastic, witty, warm-hearted, funny, outgoing, charitable, faithful friend and lover. I continue to expand my knowledge and awareness with my never give up spirit. I am a logical, loyal and love to live life by traveling and trying new things.

After achieving my Master’s of Science in Guidance and Mental Health Counseling and obtaining a certificate in Grief Counseling Pat V decided she wanted to branch out and find other ways to continue to transform lives and impact changes in the community. Heist this blog intends to be Interesting, Inspiring and Informative to my readers on dishes I serve up on different topics with my comprehensive philosophy, perspectives and principles on living a Divine life. By trade I am a Teen Counselor and an entrepreneur that isn’t afraid to do what I have to do to be SUCCESSFUL!

The Diary of a Divine Diva is intended to be Interesting, Inspiring and Informative to my readers. Through these pages, one will understand the importance of living a “DIVINE LIFE and it’s OKAY to be a “DIVA. I know people have negative thinking when one say I’m a “Divine Diva” but I ask myself why? One should strive to live a HAPPY LIFESTYLE or do what makes you HAPPY while keeping her/himself mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually fit! One only LIVE ONE LIFE so you better a DIVINE LIFE! So on the dairy, I will dishing on relationships, fashion, success, traveling, current events, music, love, loot, laughs and anything else that pops into my royal mind to help others find that “Divine Diva” within them. So sit back, relax and unwind as I take your mind on a divine adventure full of “ah ha moments”, laughs and the life of a Deltastating Diva just trying to make it in THE BIG DIRTY RED APPLE! Make sure you come back often to check me out and spread the word because The Deltastating Divine Diva is dishing here!

ahaha Bang, Bang, BOOOOM!!!!

Like, Love, Laugh and Live Life Divine Baby!!!!

Sashaying off,

Precious Pat V


4 Responses to “The Diary”
  1. Greetings Soror! I’m Kim Jones (Rho Tau Chapter 2010) and I am loving the inspiration of your book already and I haven’t even gotten yet! I’m proud of you, Soror, for believing in yourself and in others! Be and stay ENCOURAGED!!!!!

    • Greetings Soror! Nice to meet you and thanking for your kind words. I hope you subscribed and joined me on facebook to join The Diary…. I’m Pat from Pi Lambda, Sp’01 #5. Where is Rho Tau Chapter located?

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