An Interview with “Color Me Grey” Michelle J. Robinson

Hello Book Clubbers!! I know it has been a while but a sister fell off reading and I have been studying. However, the last Book that was in my Bag was “Color Me Grey” by: Michelle J. Robinson, which I had the pleasure of meeting. After reading her book that took me only a day because … Continue reading

Book Review: How Did I Get So Busy? By: Valorie Burton

Hello Sweetea, Remember when you were growing up you had all these innocent dreams, goals and plans how your future would be. Your thought process was unlimited, unrealistic and daring. You use to live for what you cared for and enjoy living for your dreams. You had a passion that no one couldn’t take away from you. … Continue reading

LeBron James is Fall Fashion ready on GQ Magazine

Hello Flawless Friday, Giving the men a little extra attention because fashion isn’t just about the women! It’s for men too and men always get pushed to the back when it comes to fashion and style. According to James, “The NBA is very close to being the most fashionable league.” King James speaks and shows off his … Continue reading

LeBron James Brings The Heat to GQ Magazine!

Hello Sweetea, OMG, Flawless Fashion Can I say TOTALLY SEXY!!! Fashion isn’t just for the ladies!! Fashion week was lacking attention to the men so I bring you Flawless Friday Fall Fashion for the men!! Lebron James of the Miami Heat appears on the September issue of GQ magazine and he look ready for the … Continue reading

Wyclef Jean Shares Some of his Ideas for Haiti

Hello Sweetea, My mom and I was having a conversation about Hip Hop/rapper Wyclef running for president and not making the list for the run of being Haiti’s next president. My mom was so kind enough to send me this video so I am sharing it with you guys…. Too bad he didn’t make the … Continue reading

Fantasia putting the focus “Back To Me” On GMA

Hello Sweetea, Singer Fantasia Barrino, first live interview with Robin Roberts on ABC’s ‘Good Morning America’ to discuss her attempted suicide bid, the circumstances surrounding it and her new album, “Back to Me” out in stores today! The title of the CD is great for Fantasia more then ever! I pray she does focus on taking it Back to … Continue reading


Hello Sweetea, Since today we are talking about PINK so I had to share this video with my D-Community!!! This is a video of Nicki Minaj’s interview with MTV to give a quick update on her new album called Pink Friday. Nicki is a cute girl but really can I say Media training is a MOST for her! I totally understand what … Continue reading

An Interview with 32 Candles author Ernessa T. Carter

Hello Sweetea, This summer has been so great especially since I finished grad school and I was able to start leisurely reading again. So, naturally the first book on my summer reading list was of course 32 Candles. It was fitting for me to read 32 Candles fist being that I just celebrated my 32nd birthday, the … Continue reading

The Biggest Free Agent Move in history and the HEAT is on LeBron James!!

Hello Sweetea, Talk about the HEAT is really on Lebron James now!! He finally made a decision to head over to Sunny Florida and play for the Miami, Heats. They didn’t call them the HEAT 4 any reason!!!! Can I say Lebron was treated like a “Divine Diva.” Never have I ever seen a player get … Continue reading