Remembering 9/11 focusing on living a Divine, Balanced & Purposeful Life!

Hello Sweetea, Today, I would like to take the time to send out my prayers and remember those that died on September 11th, 2001 and those that lost love ones in the Twin Towers! I feel like it was just yesterday I graduated undergrad and I was enjoying every moment of becoming a Delta, finishing … Continue reading

Happy Labor Day and Enjoy the Parade!!

Hello Sweetea, The WEST INDIAN AMERICAN DAY CARNIVAL ASSOCIATION, INC. Celebrates its 43rd Annual West Indian Carnival/Festival Monday, September 6th, 2010 in Brooklyn, NY! Brooklyn where you at stand-up!!! Labor Day marks the official day that fun in the sun is over and its back to the regular schedule program. For some that means back to work, school or/and … Continue reading

Harlem Day- Salute to the Children of Haiti

Hello Sweetea, I truly love the summer time because this is when I truly come out of hibernation and it allows me to be a Cheap Chic in the City allowing the wind to guide my fun and adventures that await me. I have learned in order for me to live a divine life I … Continue reading

Team Blackberry All The Way!!!

Hello Sweetea, I can truly say I am a loyal customer in all sense! I am a firm believer if it’s not broken then why try and remix it!! My 1st cell phone relationship started with Nextel when it was Nextel than Sprint took it over and killed my joy! I ventured out and tried … Continue reading

2010 Haitian Compas Festival Mini Vacation

Hello Sweetea, I’m super excited I’m going on a mini vaca that has been an annual event for me now! It’s always good to take a little break and get away from the reality of your life and current space. A peace of mind is so good for heart, mind and soul!! Always make time … Continue reading


Finding your peace of mind is important to you at what cost? Why do you always put other people happiness before yours? By whose divine standards are you living by? Are you always waiting on someone else to make you happy? So, if that is true why you don’t indulge and treat yourself to a … Continue reading


Hello Sweethearts, What a week!? I went away on a College Bus Tour with my sorority sisters of Delta Sigma Theta Inc. Queens Alumnae Teen Lift program so this is why I haven’t written in a while. The teens had spring break and my sorors and I took vacation time to make this trip a … Continue reading

Spirit Airlines Resumes Service to Port-au-Prince

Hello Sweetee, It’s so good to know that the low cost Spirit Airline once again has resumed service to Port-au-Prince, Haiti departing out of Florida but we need more carriers to service flights to Haiti. Spirit Airlines regular passenger service was suspended following the massive 7.0 earthquake that devastated Haiti on January 12, 2010. President … Continue reading

March Madness

Hello Sweetee, What is going on? I am so flabbergasted by what is going on around the world since the New Year started. It’s been one disaster after another due to nature taking its course! Are these signs that we must get right with God or whatever higher powers you respect and believe in?! I … Continue reading