On this World AIDS Day, as we approach the thirtieth year of the HIV/AIDS pandemic, let’s take the time to pause, reflect and pray on the 33 million people worldwide who live with HIV/AIDS. It’s so good that more treatment is out there to aid in this growing disease but why are millions of people … Continue reading


Hello Sweetea, Waking up in the mornings is such a Blessing routine I think people have really lost the importance of it all and the value of being alive and functional. I truly have learned how one start their morning will set the tone for the rest of their day, mood and over-all attitude. This is why … Continue reading

Is Chivalry DEAD? And if so, whose FAULT is it?

Hello Sweetea, Chivalry use to be the thing to do in order to get a girl/lady/woman to notice you. Chivalry was part of courting a counter partner in order to win her heart and approval. Chivalry is courteous behavior that men show towards women like giving up a seat, opening doors, paying on a date, … Continue reading


Hello Sweetea, Today is Election Day!! Let our voices be heard, our numbers be counted and your freedom mean something!! There is nothing better than exercising your right to vote!! Don’t complain if you can take the time to make a change and you make the choice not to! Faith and Actions without time and work produces nothing! … Continue reading

♫ MUSIC MADNESS: I Love My Hair ♫

Hello Sweetea, Happy Monday Music Madness! It’s the start of a new week and I am thankful for a great weekend!! This weekend I really had the time to sit and reflect on some of the life choices I’ve made in my life regarding my Health vs my Hair! I attended a beautiful, romantic and great wedding … Continue reading

Coming Out 4 Cupcakes!

Hello Sweetea, When you mix dessert, shopping on a budget, supporting a good cause and the children of our future I am there with bells on jumping for joy! Last week for National Coming Out Day, I attended The Brooklyn Community Pride Center fundraiser benefiting a new after-school program for LGBTQ youth in Brooklyn at … Continue reading

Why Choose Baby-Daddy vs. Husband Category?

Hello Sweetea, Why are men of a certain age afraid of an unwavering relationship and getting married but are willing to be labeled as a baby daddy, a live-in partner or a boyfriend? I would think as you get older in life one would strive for more in their personally life and not settle for … Continue reading


Hello Divas & Divos, Today I want to take the time out to give a special shout out and say and May God Bless me and you with so many more for you to celebrate!! I love my daddy so much and I thank God each and everyday for blessing him  into my life. I … Continue reading

Feel Your Boobies! Knowledge is Power! Think Pink!

Breast Cancer Definition Breast Cancer is the abnormal growth and uncontrolled division of cells in the breast. Cancer cells can invade and destroy surrounding normal tissue, and can spread throughout the body via blood or lymph fluid (clear fluid bathing body cells) to start a new cancer in another part of the body. (Encyclopedia of … Continue reading

Book Review: How Did I Get So Busy? By: Valorie Burton

Hello Sweetea, Remember when you were growing up you had all these innocent dreams, goals and plans how your future would be. Your thought process was unlimited, unrealistic and daring. You use to live for what you cared for and enjoy living for your dreams. You had a passion that no one couldn’t take away from you. … Continue reading