Dear Diary: Should I Wait or Should I Settle?

I am a loyal reader and Precious Pat V I love your blog and the advices you give! So I’ve been having this issue I wanted to ask you and your readers about it for a couple of months now… I finally found the courage to write my story after reading your review about “For Colored … Continue reading

Is Chivalry DEAD? And if so, whose FAULT is it?

Hello Sweetea, Chivalry use to be the thing to do in order to get a girl/lady/woman to notice you. Chivalry was part of courting a counter partner in order to win her heart and approval. Chivalry is courteous behavior that men show towards women like giving up a seat, opening doors, paying on a date, … Continue reading

Why Choose Baby-Daddy vs. Husband Category?

Hello Sweetea, Why are men of a certain age afraid of an unwavering relationship and getting married but are willing to be labeled as a baby daddy, a live-in partner or a boyfriend? I would think as you get older in life one would strive for more in their personally life and not settle for … Continue reading

♫ MUSIC MADNESS: “Nobody’s Supposed To Be Here” by Deborah Cox ♫

Hello Sweetea, Today I want to do a throw back Monday. This is an Old School Video of Deborah Cox which say it all!!! Take care of you 1st and foremost before giving all of you to someone who don’t appreciate you or consider you as an option instead of loving, caring and trusting you!! Your 1st Love should be … Continue reading

What Chilli Wants

Hello Sweetea, Reality TV dating shows…… I have to stop and really think about these let’s find Mr. Right and Mrs. Right shows on national TV so I can make a fool out of myself and the individuals that sign-up pretending to be so in love with me!! Really, are you serious? Who  are they fooling… These people are … Continue reading


Hello Sweetea, Yes, we got pass Monday and my heart is at peace because I found my Charlie (my Blackberry) and I am clear with my choices so back to the regular schedule program here at the D-Community! I know on Mondays, I usually share a new song so today I will share a song … Continue reading

Is Your Style of Communication Excuses!!

Hello Sweetea, Communication is one of the key elements in any form of any relationship. Communication is a process of giving and receiving feedback be it good or bad and it’s an essential part of all social interactions. We all use some form of communication, even animals. Be it in a marriage, friendship, family, boyfriend, girlfriend, … Continue reading

♫ NEW MUSIC: Eminem ft Rihanna – “Love the Way you Lie” Video ♫

Hello Sweetea, As I was sitting here planning workshops and thinking of new ways to get my audience attention the Eminem’s song came up. I really like the song and started thinking if I had to choose a song to describe my life what song would it be and why… If you have one please share…………… Well … Continue reading


Hello Dating with a Purpose, Why does she have a man/husband and I don’t? This is the question I hear so often and I have to keep it real. I ask myself that question sometimes because I’ve heard it too often. I hate when people ask me “why are you single and childless? Your resume … Continue reading

What’s the HYPE about HEIGHT?

Hello Sweetea, “I don’t know what you looking at Shorty but I need you to drink more milk!” Is the common statement that I have been saying to myself lately!  And some females have been complaining about! The lack of men with HEIGHT! I really just don’t understand why there is a lack of men … Continue reading