FIT AND FABULOUS: 4 Healthy Holiday Eating Tips

Hello Fit-n-Fab! It’s that time of year we all been waiting for! Getting together with family and friends to share in the Blessings of fellowship and GOOD food! However, I know it’s the hardest time of the year for some of us to watch our waistline and we lose focus with our Fit-n-Fab goal of … Continue reading

♫ MUSIC MADNESS: Nelly – Move That Body ft. T-Pain, Akon ♫

Hello Sweetea! The weekend is over and it’s back to Monday! Did you have a great weekend?! I sure did!! I spend a lot of time hanging out with cool old and new friends, great food, an interesting date, fashion and more fashion!! I also did a quick and fun workshop on healthy eating and the 5 … Continue reading


Hello Sweetea, Waking up in the mornings is such a Blessing routine I think people have really lost the importance of it all and the value of being alive and functional. I truly have learned how one start their morning will set the tone for the rest of their day, mood and over-all attitude. This is why … Continue reading

♫ MUSIC MADNESS: I Love My Hair ♫

Hello Sweetea, Happy Monday Music Madness! It’s the start of a new week and I am thankful for a great weekend!! This weekend I really had the time to sit and reflect on some of the life choices I’ve made in my life regarding my Health vs my Hair! I attended a beautiful, romantic and great wedding … Continue reading

FALL TREAT: Spa Week is Back!!!

Hello Sweetea, It’s back again by popular demand and you know I’m totally excited!! This Cheap Chic living in the big city is doing the happy dance as I type this up for you Divas and Divos!!! Yes, without further ado Spa Week is back again full force to get your mind, body and soul … Continue reading

NYC Restaurant Week

Hello Sweetea, Living the D-Life is always the best life and you know I’m always looking for great events for us to get into! So, being on my vacation I’m missing yet another Fun in the Sun in New York City!! I love to eat and eating on a budget taste even better to me!!!!  So … Continue reading

Can A Fit and Fab Buddy Help You Lose Weight?

Hello Sweetea, Often people are looking for the right diet plan that can help them lose weight. Some are also looking for a few friends looking to lose weight to help them too. People often think losing weight is hard and having the right diet plan and the right diet buddy will make it all … Continue reading