DIVAS & DIVOS!!!! I am most thankful that God has allowed me to see another Thanksgiving to enjoy the day with love ones!! I am also most thankful and grateful for all my readers, family, friends, Sorors, life, health and wealth! Thank you all for your continued support and love!! I wish you all a … Continue reading


Hello Sweetea, Waking up in the mornings is such a Blessing routine I think people have really lost the importance of it all and the value of being alive and functional. I truly have learned how one start their morning will set the tone for the rest of their day, mood and over-all attitude. This is why … Continue reading

Free Scoop of Carvel Ice Cream Thursday, September 23rd

Hello Sweetea, If you are an ice cream lover like me, you will be sure to enjoy this treat from Carvel!! Stop by your local shoppe anytime today and only TODAY!!! Thursday, September 23rd for their NEW Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate mix and creamy marshmallow 3 oz. scoop FREE as part of their Customer Appreciation … Continue reading

Harlem Day- Salute to the Children of Haiti

Hello Sweetea, I truly love the summer time because this is when I truly come out of hibernation and it allows me to be a Cheap Chic in the City allowing the wind to guide my fun and adventures that await me. I have learned in order for me to live a divine life I … Continue reading

Happy 32nd Birthday Food for Thoughts

Hello Sweetea, It’s my 32nd BDay and I am having mix feelings! The devil is working overtime with the hiccups it’s throwing my way but I will not allowing it to take away from the Blessings God has given me to live another year to celebrate. So every year as I turn one year older … Continue reading


Hello Fit and Fabulous, Let’s Talk About it!!  Now that Spring is here again my long-time friend Annette and I started thinking about our poor relationship with food and asking ourselves “How did we let this happen again after we vow this was going to be the last year!” This whole week has really been … Continue reading