THE DIARY: What Were They Thinking?!

Talk about WHAT WERE THEY THINKING? Who is styling these people? Money does mean a lot in trying to market and brand yourself! And I understand pushing the bar in fashion comes with the territory which can be fun and annoying but come on….. This isn’t the circus or a twilight show!! These are my 8 worst outfits … Continue reading

♫ MUSIC MADNESS: “Whip My Hair” by Willow Smith ♫

Happy Columbus Day, Jada and Will Smith aren’t playing games!! They really understand the concept of allowing their children to grow and to develop into their passion and creative side. Most parents have an issue of allowing their children express themselves through clothes and communication! However, the Smith’s really embrace each child craft and individuality. I … Continue reading

What’s the HYPE about HEIGHT?

Hello Sweetea, “I don’t know what you looking at Shorty but I need you to drink more milk!” Is the common statement that I have been saying to myself lately!  And some females have been complaining about! The lack of men with HEIGHT! I really just don’t understand why there is a lack of men … Continue reading