Dear  Divas and Divos! I want to “THANK YOU” all for your support throughout the year. All your support is the gift I love to unwrap everyday and it makes me excited to see the numbers are growing and the wonderful comments you guys leave behind!!!! ✲ Merry CHRISTmas and ✲ ℋα℘℘ƴ ℋℴℓí∂αƴs ✲ to you and your loved ones!!! And … Continue reading


DIVAS & DIVOS!!!! I am most thankful that God has allowed me to see another Thanksgiving to enjoy the day with love ones!! I am also most thankful and grateful for all my readers, family, friends, Sorors, life, health and wealth! Thank you all for your continued support and love!! I wish you all a … Continue reading

♫ MUSIC MADNESS: “Nobody’s Supposed To Be Here” by Deborah Cox ♫

Hello Sweetea, Today I want to do a throw back Monday. This is an Old School Video of Deborah Cox which say it all!!! Take care of you 1st and foremost before giving all of you to someone who don’t appreciate you or consider you as an option instead of loving, caring and trusting you!! Your 1st Love should be … Continue reading

The One Flaw In Women

Hello Sweetea, My friend was so kind enough to share The One Flaw In Women movie with me and I really thought this was a good video. This video sums up my mission with this website!! As women we do forget ourselves and always looking to please or aid everyone else around us. Women have to … Continue reading

Introducing Unhappily Happy!

So, it’s October and I checked my resolution list and well let’s just say that all things are not checked off. So, I woke up today and quickly jump into panic mode, because like the last couple of years I had to keep adding my old resolutions onto my new list each year with my … Continue reading


Hello Divas & Divos, Today I want to take the time out to give a special shout out and say and May God Bless me and you with so many more for you to celebrate!! I love my daddy so much and I thank God each and everyday for blessing him  into my life. I … Continue reading

♫ NEW MUSIC: Marvin Sapp “The Best In Me” ♫

Hello Sweetea, Whoa, what a busy week and weekend it has been. I tell you Thank God I always keep an open mind and allow myself to think outside the box to in order to learn, think and grow because life isn’t about being ridged closed minded! When you think you have arrived that’s when you realized … Continue reading

♫ NEW MUSIC: Salt from Salt-n-Pepa Performs “Stomp” ♫

Hello Sweetea, Happy Monday Music Madness!! This has been a week of nothing but stress and boy oh boy I needed some courage today so my song for you today I hope it brings you courage and strength to keep on fighting the good fight!!!! Remember his goodness and his love will allow you to keep … Continue reading

♫ NEW MUSIC: Trey Songz – “Can’t Be Friends” ♫

Hello Sweetea, I know on Monday Music Madness I didn’t give you a song to rock with so I am making it up to you. Sexy Trey Songz have a new video out “Can’t be Friends.” Boy oh Boy I’m feeling this video compare to his last one “Bottoms up featuring Nicki Minaj“. However, this … Continue reading

What Chilli Wants

Hello Sweetea, Reality TV dating shows…… I have to stop and really think about these let’s find Mr. Right and Mrs. Right shows on national TV so I can make a fool out of myself and the individuals that sign-up pretending to be so in love with me!! Really, are you serious? Who  are they fooling… These people are … Continue reading