Big Girls United (BGU) 2011 “Chameleon” Crazy Cute Collection Showcase

Hello Fashion Freedom Friday!   What is Fashion? Is fashion following the current trend? Is it standard, safe and lifeless? Is it designers thinking everyone was born wearing the same size 2 to 4? Or is it courageous designer Tasha Hill who understood what it meant to have the freedom to fight against her teachers … Continue reading

Russell Simmons Launches New Men’s Fashion Collection

Hello Sweetea, In today’s fashion news for the men, Russell Simmons introduces a new line of men’s clothing. Russell Simmons a Hip-Hop entrepreneur that never gives up on growing, developing and expanding his empire is making another foray into the clothing business. This true fashion icon, writer and designer who created the brands, Phat Farm and Baby Phat, … Continue reading

Kim Kardasian a Silver Body Art Masterpiece!

Hello Divas and Divos, It’s Wild & Wacky Wednesday! Can I tell you I totally feel that way! I’m feeling under the weather and I think it might be the wacky weather we’ve been having in New York! I don’t know but I’m happy fall didn’t come full force and I pray Mother Nature isn’t … Continue reading

Hello Kitty Transformer Model Kit

Hello Wacky and Wild Wednesday, I have been having a tough month so I am tapping into the child in me and trying to find joy in the little things. I tell you sometimes it just don’t pay being nice and always trying to be there for others because they forget the things you have … Continue reading