Hello Music Madness I know it has been a minute since you have read from me but I’m here to tell you guys I’m Back!! A lot’s been going on and a lot hasn’t been going on up in here because my lab top decided it wanted to take a vacation. However, that vacation cost … Continue reading

♫ MUSIC MADNESS: Roman’s Revenge Nicki Minaj ft. Eminem (Pink Friday CD) ♫

Hello Music Madness It’s Monday and are you ready to rumble?! Oh BOY oh should I say Oh Girl!! The Ladies are at it again!! Nicki Minaj and Lil’ Kim‘s beef isn’t medium rare!! The order has been changed to well done!! On Friday (November 26), Lil’ Kim released “Black Friday,” her response to Nicki Minaj’s interview last week on … Continue reading

♫ NEW MUSIC: Trey Songz – “Can’t Be Friends” ♫

Hello Sweetea, I know on Monday Music Madness I didn’t give you a song to rock with so I am making it up to you. Sexy Trey Songz have a new video out “Can’t be Friends.” Boy oh Boy I’m feeling this video compare to his last one “Bottoms up featuring Nicki Minaj“. However, this … Continue reading

♫ NEW MUSIC: Fantasia – “BitterSweet” Live on GMA ♫

Hello Sweetea, Fantasia Barrino, performs one of her new songs :Bittersweet,” from her new album, “Back to Me” out in stores now. The cover of the CD is bad!! Fantasia make-up, outfit and hair looks better than she did on Good Morning America!! I don’t know why her stylist didn’t suggest she wear a shape-up … Continue reading

♫ NEW MUSIC: Wyclef Jean – “Haitian By Association” – Song ♫

Hello Sweetea, I know this week I have been giving you a lot of music to entertain yourself with but I can’t help it if I’m a music lover and so was my brother. To celebrate my brother’s love for music I’m sharing a lot of tunes be it new or old music always have … Continue reading


Hello Sweetea, Yes, we got pass Monday and my heart is at peace because I found my Charlie (my Blackberry) and I am clear with my choices so back to the regular schedule program here at the D-Community! I know on Mondays, I usually share a new song so today I will share a song … Continue reading

♫ NEW MUSIC: Eminem ft Rihanna – “Love the Way you Lie” Video ♫

Hello Sweetea, As I was sitting here planning workshops and thinking of new ways to get my audience attention the Eminem’s song came up. I really like the song and started thinking if I had to choose a song to describe my life what song would it be and why… If you have one please share…………… Well … Continue reading

♫ New Song:Young Jeezy ~ “All White Everything” Video♫

Hello Sweetea, It’s Monday Madness with Music to get you in the groove for the week!! However, I’m still on limbo with this one but hey you check it out and decide!!! White will never be the color that you can put away and forget about it!!! I guess Young Jeezy understands that concept so … Continue reading

♫ NEW MUSIC: P. Diddy – Hello Good Morning Original and Remix Video ♫

Hello Sweetea, I bet you want to know what I am rocking to!? Well, currently loving P. Diddy new joint Hello, Good Morning! I can’t wait to go dance it in the club this weekend for my birthday! I can’t get over Diddy wearing caps in the video!! Is that back in style or is P. Diddy … Continue reading

♫ NEW MUSIC: Harmonik on America’s Got Talent ♫

Hello Sweetea, I had to share this with you all and I know a lot of people missed a group of talented men original from Haiti now living in Florida who started a Haitian Band called Harmonik. These group of guys can sing the draws off the ladies and set the mood right for the night! I am so … Continue reading