FIT AND FABULOUS: 4 Healthy Holiday Eating Tips

Hello Fit-n-Fab! It’s that time of year we all been waiting for! Getting together with family and friends to share in the Blessings of fellowship and GOOD food! However, I know it’s the hardest time of the year for some of us to watch our waistline and we lose focus with our Fit-n-Fab goal of … Continue reading

Unhappily Happy: Keeping the Momentum Going!

So I know exactly what you guys must be thinking…. Well it has been a couple of days since I wrote that I must have found my happy place….. You could not have been so wrong. So let us play catch up. 1-      Still at my dead-end job that sucks the life out of me.  Still find … Continue reading

Introducing Unhappily Happy!

So, it’s October and I checked my resolution list and well let’s just say that all things are not checked off. So, I woke up today and quickly jump into panic mode, because like the last couple of years I had to keep adding my old resolutions onto my new list each year with my … Continue reading

March Madness

Hello Sweetee, What is going on? I am so flabbergasted by what is going on around the world since the New Year started. It’s been one disaster after another due to nature taking its course! Are these signs that we must get right with God or whatever higher powers you respect and believe in?! I … Continue reading