Big Girls United (BGU) 2011 “Chameleon” Crazy Cute Collection Showcase

Hello Fashion Freedom Friday!   What is Fashion? Is fashion following the current trend? Is it standard, safe and lifeless? Is it designers thinking everyone was born wearing the same size 2 to 4? Or is it courageous designer Tasha Hill who understood what it meant to have the freedom to fight against her teachers … Continue reading

Ellen DeGeneres Show: Tina Knowles Disclosed Beyonce Isn’t Pregnant

Hello Sweetea, Have you heard…… During a recent interview on The Ellen DeGeneres show, Tina Knowles shoots down pregnancy rumors that her daughter Beyonce is expecting a baby with husband Jay Z. Tina Knowles said: “I heard that, but I’m here to clear the rumors up. The truth is that’s it’s not Beyoncè that’s pregnant. It’s me,” Knowles jokingly … Continue reading

Curvy, Busty, and Bold Miss Tina Collection Invades Walmart!

Hello Fashionistas, It’s Flawless Freedom Friday and I’m ready to help my friend enjoy the last fling before the ring! I tell you I’ve been going to a few weddings lately and it brings me nothing but joy witnessing two people jump the broom and walk into faith, love and understanding we are about to … Continue reading

I am Monif C! Are you Monif C?

Hello Sweetea, In honor of Fashion week, I have to brag about Monif C and the Marilyn convertible orange dress I purchased from her line and wore last week. I was looking for a yellow dress to wear for my birthday this year and my Big Sista, Takeema suggested I buy Monif C’s convertible dress. … Continue reading

Why is WEIGHT consider Ugly

Hello Sweetea, Living in a superficially social with stupid-ficially attitude and mindset can be emotionally and financially draining.  After watching Jessica Simpson’s show “The Price of Beauty” I truly believe it’s a global issue that a lot of people find weight to be “ugly.” People will spend their last dollar on cosmetic surgeries to cut the ugliness out their life.  I ask myself is … Continue reading