♫ MUSIC MADNESS: Roman’s Revenge Nicki Minaj ft. Eminem (Pink Friday CD) ♫

Hello Music Madness It’s Monday and are you ready to rumble?! Oh BOY oh should I say Oh Girl!! The Ladies are at it again!! Nicki Minaj and Lil’ Kim‘s beef isn’t medium rare!! The order has been changed to well done!! On Friday (November 26), Lil’ Kim released “Black Friday,” her response to Nicki Minaj’s interview last week on … Continue reading

Ellen DeGeneres Show: Tina Knowles Disclosed Beyonce Isn’t Pregnant

Hello Sweetea, Have you heard…… During a recent interview on The Ellen DeGeneres show, Tina Knowles shoots down pregnancy rumors that her daughter Beyonce is expecting a baby with husband Jay Z. Tina Knowles said: “I heard that, but I’m here to clear the rumors up. The truth is that’s it’s not Beyoncè that’s pregnant. It’s me,” Knowles jokingly … Continue reading

Wyclef Jean Shares Some of his Ideas for Haiti

Hello Sweetea, My mom and I was having a conversation about Hip Hop/rapper Wyclef running for president and not making the list for the run of being Haiti’s next president. My mom was so kind enough to send me this video so I am sharing it with you guys…. Too bad he didn’t make the … Continue reading

Wyclef Jean is Fighting Back!

Hello Sweetea, In the mist of my stress in the thunder storm Sunday night, I so needed some distraction and started messing with my twitter account! To my much need for something to cheer me up I saw this feed from Hip-hop/rapper Wyclef Jean: “Tomorrow our Lawyers are appealing the decision of the CEP. We have met … Continue reading

♫ NEW MUSIC: Wyclef Jean – “Haitian By Association” – Song ♫

Hello Sweetea, I know this week I have been giving you a lot of music to entertain yourself with but I can’t help it if I’m a music lover and so was my brother. To celebrate my brother’s love for music I’m sharing a lot of tunes be it new or old music always have … Continue reading


Hello Sweetea, Yes, we got pass Monday and my heart is at peace because I found my Charlie (my Blackberry) and I am clear with my choices so back to the regular schedule program here at the D-Community! I know on Mondays, I usually share a new song so today I will share a song … Continue reading

♫ New Song:Young Jeezy ~ “All White Everything” Video♫

Hello Sweetea, It’s Monday Madness with Music to get you in the groove for the week!! However, I’m still on limbo with this one but hey you check it out and decide!!! White will never be the color that you can put away and forget about it!!! I guess Young Jeezy understands that concept so … Continue reading

LL Cool J giving back to Queens!

Hello Sweetea, Yesterday, both State Senate Democratic Leader Malcolm Smith and Hip Hop artist, author and actor LL Cool J (James Todd Smith) has returned to the Sixth Annual Jump & Ball Basketball and Double-Dutch Tournament at Daniel O’Connell Park on 196th street and Murdock Avenue in St. Albans. The tourneys, sponsored by local companies, is designed … Continue reading


Hello Sweetea, Since today we are talking about PINK so I had to share this video with my D-Community!!! This is a video of Nicki Minaj’s interview with MTV to give a quick update on her new album called Pink Friday. Nicki is a cute girl but really can I say Media training is a MOST for her! I totally understand what … Continue reading

Prego Alicia Keys Mindset is “The Show Must Go On!”

Hello Sweetea, Yesterday, a friend and I were talking about being pregnant and how it’s an important time in a couples life. Somehow, Alicia Keys performance this past weekend got brought up in the conversation. My friend mentioned “She don’t know if she would of took the graceful route or the 1st time mommy-to-be route … Continue reading