Dear  Divas and Divos! I want to “THANK YOU” all for your support throughout the year. All your support is the gift I love to unwrap everyday and it makes me excited to see the numbers are growing and the wonderful comments you guys leave behind!!!! ✲ Merry CHRISTmas and ✲ ℋα℘℘ƴ ℋℴℓí∂αƴs ✲ to you and your loved ones!!! And … Continue reading

Battle of the Booties!!!

Hello Fashionistas, After watching Real Housewives of Atlanta last night and seeing all the cute booties the ladies had on I was inspired to look for cute and sexy booties under $100 for my Divas shopping on a budget wanting to doll up your closet!! I know this is boot season but Mother Nature has been good … Continue reading

YELLOW: The Color of the Season

Hello Fashionista, It’s Flawless Friday where we talk about FASHION!!! I love going shopping especially with discounts, coupons, plenty of sales and savings. When I was growing up that wasn’t the hot thing to like but now that I am older and trying to stay financially fit with the responsibilities that come with adulthood you better believe … Continue reading

The Biggest Free Agent Move in history and the HEAT is on LeBron James!!

Hello Sweetea, Talk about the HEAT is really on Lebron James now!! He finally made a decision to head over to Sunny Florida and play for the Miami, Heats. They didn’t call them the HEAT 4 any reason!!!! Can I say Lebron was treated like a “Divine Diva.” Never have I ever seen a player get … Continue reading