Hello Music Madness I know it has been a minute since you have read from me but I’m here to tell you guys I’m Back!! A lot’s been going on and a lot hasn’t been going on up in here because my lab top decided it wanted to take a vacation. However, that vacation cost … Continue reading

NYC Restaurant Week

Hello Sweetea, Living the D-Life is always the best life and you know I’m always looking for great events for us to get into! So, being on my vacation I’m missing yet another Fun in the Sun in New York City!! I love to eat and eating on a budget taste even better to me!!!!  So … Continue reading

2010 Haitian Compas Festival Mini Vacation

Hello Sweetea, I’m super excited I’m going on a mini vaca that has been an annual event for me now! It’s always good to take a little break and get away from the reality of your life and current space. A peace of mind is so good for heart, mind and soul!! Always make time … Continue reading


Finding your peace of mind is important to you at what cost? Why do you always put other people happiness before yours? By whose divine standards are you living by? Are you always waiting on someone else to make you happy? So, if that is true why you don’t indulge and treat yourself to a … Continue reading